TTF-1 Antibody, Clone SPT24Thyroid transcription factor-1 (TTF-1) is a 38 kDa member of the NKX2 family of homeodomain transcription factors. TTF-1 is mostly detected in primary lung adenocarcinomas and small cell carcinomas. TTF-1 can be very useful in lung cancers when used in a panel with Desmoglein 3, p40 and Napsin A antibodies.Isotype: IgG1/kappaLocalization: nuclearPositive […]

Vector-Borne Diseases

In the battle against vector-borne diseases, timely and accurate diagnostics are essential for effective intervention. With global travel and trading, it is not only important to watch out for endemic diseases, but imported diseases are vital to track down fast as well. In this newsletter we have highlighted a number of familiar and possibly less familiar […]